Ray & Karen Berto

About Lighthouse Rescue Ministries


Isaiah 58: 7-10: “Deal thy bread to the hungry and satisfy the afflicted soul.” “When thou sees the naked, that thou cover him” and “bring the poor that are cast out to thy house.” (KJV)


Lighthouse Rescue Ministries was founded for the purpose of fulfilling a vision that GOD placed upon our hearts for HIS people. We desire to provide an atmosphere, a sanctuary, where they can come and be ministered to, whatever their need. A refuge where they can find rest, acceptance, love, encouragement and to be comforted.


We want them to know that someone does care and that there is hope for their lives, no matter what their present circumstances. To show them that they do have a choice and that their lives can change for the better.


Our prayer is that each person is able to see how important they truly are in the eyes of GOD. We are prepared, along with our wonderful volunteers, to pray with them and do what we can to assist them, as GOD has blessed us with, to the best of our abilities.





Ray has also written a book. This book came about through much prayer. Ray wants this book to be his voice for Jesus, so that he can reach as many people with the story of God's miraculous saving grace.


It is Ray's prayer that you get to know who God is and that he can do the same in your life.


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